Date(s) - 12/03/2014
8:15 pm - 10:15 pm

Lackagh Parish Centre


Finding out about my grandfather that I never knew… and more.

Our March meeting took place on Wednesday March 12th in Lackagh Parish Centre at 8:15pm. The speaker at the meeting was our Chairman, Sean Flanagan. Sean outlined the research he carried out on the life of his grandfather.

The title of Sean’s talk was “Finding out about my grandfather that I never knew… and more”. A step-by-step search of the archives by a beginner, this talk was simple and straightforward, with illustrations.

The beginner who sets out to uncover the details of his/her family ancestry is confronted by a variety of unknowns – where to start, which questions to ask or where to look for answers. These are some of the talking points that were discussed at our March meeting.

Using illustrations, Sean Flanagan described, as a beginner, the sequence of searches through the national archives, step-by-step, that resulted in a series of new insights and surprising outcomes in his ancestry. This meeting offered people an ideal opportunity to hear and discuss a practical approach, simple and straightforward, for tracing family ancestry through the use of the available information recorded in the national archives, including land and civil records and parish registers.

A summary of Sean’s talk is available here.

The library was open for members who wished to borrow and/or return books or CDs from 7.45pm on the evening.

March 2014 Meeting: Finding out about my grandfather that I never knew… and more, with Sean Flanagan